Let’s get it started!

Retro style is where it all begins!

Some time ago I told you all, of how I see the perfect school and how much I like my own.
Not it’s time to tell ya,about all the activities we’ve started doing this year. On this picture you see some of the participants in
our Christmas Ball which took place on 21st of December, 2014 in our school. (95th General High School)
So I,my self, my head teacher and four of my friends from 12th grade made up pretty much everything.
It was a hard work, but the fun was also in an enormous amount. We decide to play some music, have some threats all around the place. Sounds like a typical event,huh?
No, it was not. ((: Why?
1. Our music was retro to the bone, hell yeah! We listened to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors. You know what I mean.
Honestly, it was hard to dance, almost mission impossible,but it still was nice. (:
2. We prepared ourselves and our guests a play!The story is well known, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.
We trained for almost a month,and in the end, I believe..it got pretty decent. It was hilarious behind the scene. I hope the audience liked it. They seemed satisfied of the comedy they witnessed.
3. The entrance was not free. And we have a reason for that. Everybody bought themselves tickets, to they can support our mission.
The team behind all this, we really wanted to gather some money for something that I dare to call our dream. ((((:
We need decor for our plays. We participate in competitions that includes wiritng and playing in our own play.
We really enjoy it and me and my classmates from my school believe that,  dramaturgy and drama,tragedy,comedy..everything.
Theater is one of the greatest arts. It’s love, it’s life.
And we are determineted to do our best.


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