Memento mori

Remember that you have to die.
I think of that everytime, I have to make a choice.
My Italian teacher started every class we had with an Latin proverb.
He claimed that we cannot afford to loose the wisdom of ancient people.
The two that hollowed me through my years in the high school are the following.
Non scholae sed vitae
We do not learn for school, we do learn for our life.
For me, the perfect school is the one,that teaches you how to manage your life after you go out of it.
It may teach you a thousands languages, and not a single lesson on how to pay your bills.
It may give you a “golden” craft, and not a single lesson on how to communicate with others.
I do like schools that are concentrated on one field, language school, programming one and so on.
Schools with a lot of people and a lot of teachers and everyday there’s someone new just around the corner.
Schools who obtain a possibility for sports, different clubs after school, musical events, a lot of gatherings and parties.
Also a good library is a must. A school, where good teachers are also good friends. That’s how I prefer them.
sharing things from life, working on my personal development, and going on summer schools. Fun thing like that.

I live in a regular neighborhood, in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and i do like my school. (:
Maybe it does not fit all my requirements for the perfect school, but it is MY school.
We are not a lot of people, it is a regular school, but we all know each other and friendships are easier to make.
We are studying Italian, Russian and English, marketing and management, a lot of maths and so on. I like it.
Our “crafts” are Business management and Tourism., I believe that we’ll all make it out in life. ((( :
And!! Something I am really proud about – we have an awesome library, and we all make a good team.
Last but not least, our teachers are really our friends and they make us feel special. (:
I am talking about 95th General High School “Professor Ivan Shishmanov”. I am dedicating this post to my schoolmates, my teachers and my IT teacher mrs. Mihova ( :

Memento mori. Remember that you have to die, so study for your own life.
And make the best out of it


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