Made with love

So holiday season is just around the corner.
What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?
Jesus, Santa, food, presents, more food? A lot of stuff, for everyone is different. It’s not even necessary to do any of this stuff, to spend time with your loved ones.
Which we must agree, it’s the best. And most probably you’d want to make them happy, buy some awesome presents aaand eventually spend tons of cash on useless stuff.
So let’s change this, shall we?
Why don’t you try to make by yourself something that will melt the heart of your dearest people? You’ll invest time and love in it.
1. The best present I have EVER received is something very simply. It’s jewelry made by hand, out of wood. It’s rather personal. And very dear.

2 .The gift that still warms my heart actually is a few sentences. I went  to a camp where my mentor told me some great stuff about who I am and who I’ll turn up to be. It motivated me to study harder.

3.Last but not least, for my 16th birthday my uncle paid my Italian lessons for 3 months, which influenced my lifestyle. It has been a great journey.

So don’t spend a fortune on something, just because it’s Christmas time. Work with your hands, add a touch with your style, make it with love for someone who deserves a wonderful Christmas.


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