Check it out!

So, how do you spend your free time? Fishing? Travelling across the Universe or simply watching sitcoms at home?

How surprisingly, I do non of this activities. I, my self, am not such a great fan of TV sitcoms.
When I start watching a certain one, a lot of problems come ahead of me. First, I get super addicted and forget everything else around me. Second I get depressed when the show is over. I know, it’s terrible.
So I found an alternative! The link in the beginning is my new addiction, for sure!
Science videos, covering vast amount of topics in around 10-11 minutes. It’s fantastic.
I learn a lot from them and also I’m having a great time, watching them.
Knowledge is  something we must obtain from every possible source and in my opinion vlogs like this one, may be quite useful for people who want to spend their time properly.
It’s great knowing that you work on yourself even while watching videos, instead of TV sitcoms.


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