Dear Santa

I really hope, that you can read. I hope that you love reading and even, it’s your favourite activity.
After so many letters, please have some patience for my not-so-special letter.
Honestly? You don’t exist, yes. You are an idea, one of the greatest, how to unite people and give little children the ablity to believe in something.
So I am writing my letter to an idea,to a ghost. YAY!
First of all, I want only 3 things.  Choose the one that’s the easiest to achieve.
1. By the end of the next year I want to be fluent in at least 3 languages. /and very good in 2 other/.
Why? Because it is my passion in life and I will work hard.
2. Let me have the best summer, seriously. I wanna go to the seaside, camping in the woods, to my village,to travel abroad.
Let me travel, let me see the world please.
3. May I..oh, please, got accepted in the university I want? I’d give everything for this, so your help will be appreciated.

In general, ol’ Santa, from you I want to make this things possible. I don’t want gifts, none.
I want to gain experience, to meet new people, to have the time of my life
Let me be young, free and wild. And I will make the best out of it. (:


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