Knowledge is power

                                                          You want weapons? We’re in a library.
Books are the best weapon in the world.
This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have.
Arm yourself!
That specific quote from the sci-fi show Doctor Who always inspires me when I feel way too busy to study my stuff for school.
Look at this questionnaire, where a certain number of Bulgarian students were asked how much they like learning things.
Come on! What a waste of youth it is! If you don’t learn at least a hundred new things everyday. 35% percent of them said that they don’t like studying at all. Then, what do they like, seriously? Everybody is free to have a different opinion, but I believe that young people should be educated as possible. Which nowadays, in this globalized world, must be a lot.
So, thank the gods, on the other hand, 51% claim that they just love studying for school.
What can I say? The diversity between people is what makes our life so interesting. But we should never ever forget that weapons are nothing faced to knowledge. Knowledge is the power.
And it all depends on you if you’ll handle it right.


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