Свобода или смъртъ!

“Liberty or Death!” was a slogan used by many through the April uprising.
More information
Here you could read more, than I could ever tell. Or if you are a bookworm, just like me, I strongly recommend Zachary Stoyanov’s book.

If you really want to feel the atmosphere Vazov’s poems are the thing you are looking for. No such story could be told in the right way. Since I feel speechless, I’m sharing this.

Epic for the forgotten ones

The monastery is cramped for my soul.
When one comes here to repent
He should forget the world of sins
to flee from temptation and to seek peace
My conscience tells me something else today
That black frock, which I’m wearing
doesn’t reconcile me with this heaven
and when the voices are raised in the church
to sing hymns to God, to receive heaven
I think, will He listen to those who wail
in that ravine, weeping, an unbearable life
And my prayer gets lost like smoke
and the Lord angrily covers his ear
to the holy poems and the angels.

We all know that the poem gets lost in the translation, it’s not the same. But  if you could feel even a little bit of the Bulgarian history, I would really appreciate it. (( :


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