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Let’s talk about growing up.
It honestly sucks.
Not talking about growing up year by year, but growing strong, developing your own abilities, growing out to be a good man.
How do you do this actually? I, my self, am trying to collect every single piece of information I can. You never know when it will be useful, right? I just love learning new things. So, it would be nice if I share ;em!

1. You Noodle

Found this by accident, some days ago and I was fascinated. So many opportunities, come on! Various type of contests, competitions! It makes me wanna start a brainstorm right now! I seriously want to participate in every single one. If you are seeking new challenges, feel like an entrepreneur or simply just want to see what you are able to achieve, you should definitely check it!

2. I fucking love science

Have you ever thought about little changes that could make your day much more interesting? For example, instead of reading the gossip news while drinking your morning coffee, you could simply try this site. It’s full of interesting news in the field of science. There’s no need to deeply understand physics or something like this. Try it out! It makes daily life so vivid!

2.  Humans of New York

I can’t explain this one the way I’d like to. Just check it out, and you will see for yourself how beautiful this site is. It reminded me that we are all human, everyone has his own problems and joys in life. It really is astonishing.

So in general, those are some of my favourite websites. Useful, meaningful… my daily dose of happiness!

So sharing is caring! Share information, because it’s for good!


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